Reorganized School District No. 7
Lee's Summit, Missouri
196 - 10-HR CUST EMP
Last Updated:

Structured Teacher Collaboration Day - 60 minute late start
Non-contract days and Non-attendance
Contract Days but Non-attendance
End of Quarter

Early Release Days
Inclement Weather Day (Will not be made up at the end of the year)


  • **Snow days will be made up May 20th through June 3rd **

    Average number of snow days in the last 5 years is 3 days.

    Missouri State statute requires districts to meet a minimum of 1,044 student hours of instruction a year.

    BOE Adopted - 5/16/19 - Start date is more than ten (10) calendar days prior to the first Monday in September

    The District strongly recommends that parents/guardians and employees refrain from making vacation and other travel plans without considering the possibility that the school term will end later than anticipated due to required make-up hours.